FOTO: Facebook/West Valley Humane Society

Woman stops at roadside to pick up abandoned backpack – only to discover a horror inside

Burean Behrens was driving to work one morning on a rural Canyon County road, in Idaho, when something made her stop the car.

She spotted a backpack at the side of the road and thought she better grab it, believing a child had lost their school belongings.

As she got nearer to the bag, she couldn’t believe it when it started moving. Then she opened the bag and got the shock of her life.



Instead of finding school supplies Behrens, a vet technician, found a freezing cold puppy.

“It almost broke me. She was soaking wet, freezing, curled up in a tight little ball and she just looked at me like, ‘Are you gonna hurt me or are you gonna help me?'”  Behrens said, according to KTVB.

Covered in feces

The small Terrier/Chihuahua was dirty and soaking wet so she took her home to bathe her and get her warm.

Behrens contacted Animal Control who took the frightened pup to The West Valley Humane Society where she was assessed and cared for.

Staff found that she has a lesion at the side of her brain that was affecting her behavior.

puppy found in backpack
Facebook/West Valley Humane Society

“This little girl deserves better than to be tossed away,” West Valley staff wrote on a Facebook post.

Behrens believes the dog was heartlessly dumped due to her condition.

‘Not broken toys’

“They’re not broken toys or things you get on Christmas that you want to return. It’s a life. And there are people out there that will help.” Behrens said, according to KTVB.

The organization named the dog Zoe, which means fighter in Greek. They are caring for Zoe and assessing her medical condition.

puppy abandoned on the road
Facebook/West Valley Humane Society

Staff are also appealing for anyone with information about the dog’s owner to contact the local county sheriff’s office.

woman rescues abandoned puppy
Facebook/West Valley Humane Society

I cannot comprehend why animals are discarded and left to die when there are so many organizations out there they could be taken to. This has to stop.

If this Good Samaritan hadn’t stopped this puppy would have died. I hope the person responsible for such animal cruelty is brought to justice.

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