Mom film calm sea waters – then the boat suddenly turns and a spectacular sight emerges

There are a few moments that stay with us forever. For some it might be the birth of their children, for others it might be their wedding day or perhaps their first kiss. No matter what it is, these unforgettable moments help shape us and how we look at the world.

But sometimes these amazing moments happen when we least anticipate it. When a family went on vacation in Port Macquarie, Australia, they were eager to explore and learn as much as they could about their new surroundings.

Then mom signed the family up for an adventure out at sea. The hope was that they would see some amazing sea life but what they actually saw was beyond all expectations.

The passengers boarded a small boat and went out to sea. The tourist guide shared facts about the area as the tourists hoped they would see some spectacular animals.

An unforgettable sight

From a distance, the guide saw something that could possibly be a school of whales. They moved closer to see these magnificent animals and the mom started to record it all.

The sea seemed calm when the boat arrived. But, seconds later something emerged that left everyone screaming in amazement; an unforgettable sight.

Everyone on board was in shock! And who can blame them? A humpback whale emerged drenching all the amazed passengers on board. The movie is incredible as it captures this magnificent creature close up.

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