1 man begins to sing, only for 200 children to join in and leave everyone with tingles in their spine

Over the entire course of human history, music has been utilized as a means of bringing people together and allowing them to express their emotions in a way all of us instinctually understand.

Sure, a talented solo singer, a complementing duet or a well-oiled group can be easy on the ears, but there’s something special about a large number of people – such as a choir – working as one to achieve harmony.

Recently, singer Peter Hollens gave a powerful rendition of the iconic song, “You Raise Me Up“, backed by hundreds of people in an auditorium. We think it’s a performance none should miss …

YouTube / Peter Hollens

It should go without saying that plenty of people have covered the song, and some to really great effect.

It was perhaps Josh Groban who is to credit for bringing it to the attention of the American audience, however, and subsequently making it more popular around the world. As a direct result, numerous covers have since been birthed, but this particular one is truly special in its own right.

Complementing choir

Peter’s cover, coupled with a beautiful video, sees him singing solo at first. It’s not long before some 200 singers join him, though, and when they do they create a sound so easy on the ears it could melt the hardest of hearts.

The fact it’s a children’s choir makes it all the more impressive, blending experience and youth masterfully to produce a version even Groban would be truly proud of.

YouTube / Peter Hollens

Peter’s voice is distinct and strong in its own right, but with the complementing tones in the background the a cappella piece comes alive with its own fire.

In today’s world of violence and bad news it’s always nice to spread a little joy and happiness where possible.

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