100-year-old woman has a secret for living long: Wine, wine and more wine

Living to be 100-years-old.

It’s the dream for most people. Think of all the things you must have seen by then, all the memories you will have collated. Of course, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a number a great deal of people will aim for if you ask them at what age they’d be content to pass on.

Now, making it to become a whole century old is no easy feat, or else we’d all be doing it. So what’s the secret to it? What does the average joe have to change to reach triple digits?

Well, if Florence Bearse is to be believed – and she’s something of an expert on the matter – there aren’t any drastic things one has to do or not do. That is with the exception of drinking more wine.

Credit: Pixabay

We’ll state for the record that Bearse’s words aren’t scientifically proven (consider this before you switch to a wine-only diet), but it would appear the centurion’s technique could well hit a happy chord with people around the world.

As per Delish, Bearse, from Bangor, Maine was recently asked what her secret to living so long was.

Her answer was simple, yet iconic.

“I like my wine. Don’t take it away from me,” she said.

Credit: Pixabay

You heard the lady, don’t touch her wine. Don’t touch mine, for that matter.

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