13-year-old boy wants to run away – the police’s response is something we can all learn from

When a South Carolina police officer responded to a 13-year-old boy’s phone call, he had no idea what to expect.

13-year-old Cameron Simmons was distressed when he called 911. The officer that picked up was Gaetano Acerra, who decided to go straight to the boy’s home after speaking to him.

They sat down on the front porch of the house and began talking. Cameron told the officer that he was planning to run away from home. He said that his mother told him off because he was caught playing his big brother’s video game.

Officer Gaetano Acerra quickly realized that the boy’s problems were more than just being told off for playing video games.

The officer asked if he could have a look inside the house and soon discovered that the boy’s room was completely empty. There was no furniture in sight and the clothes were all put in a garbage bag. Cameron didn’t even have a bed to sleep on.

Cameron told Gaetano that family were struggling, they were forced to move from their home in Texas to South Carolina so that they could take care of a sick relative who lived nearby.

Gaetano couldn’t help but be affected by hearing Cameron speak about his everyday life and how the family were living.

Deeply moved, the police officer decided to do something out of the ordinary, something that goes above and beyond the standard tasks of a police officer.

Without Cameron and his family having a single clue, Gaetano started planning an amazing surprise for the family.

He spent weeks looking for and collecting any furniture he could find, to give to the family, so that his new friend Cameron could have a brand new furnished room like most kids do.

With the help of his brother, Gaetano found a desk, chairs, a bed and even video games for Cameron. Cameron’s brother was also given a new furnished bedroom – which included an air hockey table game so that the brothers could play together.

13-year-old Cameron was moved to tears when he found out what the police officer had done for him. The story made its way all around social media, and people from all over the world started sending donations to the family.

Isn’t it amazing how an incredible act of kindness between strangers from around the world can actually change people’s lives?

I believe this is something we can all be inspired by and keep in mind when we come across people in need in the future.

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