15 year old weighed 700 lbs: Here’s what he looks like today after miraculous transformation

Most of us know the struggle of trying to shift those extra pounds. But imagine weighing 700 lbs – at the age of just 15.

That was reality for Jacob Miller.

He was born 5 weeks early but still weighed a whopping 12 lbs. By the age of 1, he weighed 50 lbs, and he went on to gain about 45 lbs a year throughout his childhood. The average yearly weight gain for children is 4 to 7 lbs a year.

By the time he was 15, his parents knew they needed to take drastic action – Jacob’s condition was life-threatening.



Most of us assume that weight gain is due to lack of self control only, but for Jacob the situation was a little different. His rapid weight gain was due to a hormonal inbalance.

“Many doctors said that there’s hormonal conditions in the brain that they haven’t identified yet, that could be 10 or 15 years before they know what’s going on,” Jacob’s mom explains. “He doesn’t have 10 or 15 years. We need to do something before it gets to be too late.”


After many years of physical problems and bullying at school, doctors decided that the only solution was a gastric bypass operation (reduction of the stomach).

But before he could have his operation, Jacob would have to lose a significant amount of weight by himself, to prove that he could cope with the tough diet and exercise routine that would follow his surgery.

And he certainly proved himself, dropping an incredible 77 lbs before the operation.


After a 3 hour long surgery, Jacob’s stomach was the size of an egg.

For the next year, Jacob was placed on a strict diet and exercised daily, all with the help and support of nutritionists, physical therapists and of course his family and friends. And the results 1 year later are incredible!

Not only did Jacob drop 150 lbs in just 3 months, he also got rid of his diabetes.

Today, Jacob weighs 530 lbs.


“It’s hard, but not as hard as it was before the surgery,” Jacob says of his continued weight loss. “Before I could only walk 5 minutes and have to sit down. Now I can walk 30 minutes and not sit down.”

Although his journey is far from over, you have to admire his determination and the progress he’s made so far. I’m incredibly impressed at how far he’s come!


Jacob admits that there are times when he misses his targets or falls off the wagon briefly, but he always works hard to get back on track, and that’s really what counts in the long-term!


Jacob has a way to go before he reaches his goal, but I for one think his hard work and determination deserves the utmost respect!

Any of us who have focused on a long-term goal knows that there are ups and downs. But as long as you always get yourself back on track, you’re guaranteed to enjoy the benefits of your hard work eventually.

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