17 premature babies who got to celebrate Halloween – thanks to nurses with hearts of gold

Halloween is the weekend of the year when we get to dress up and let our imaginations run wild.

Visit a neonatal department where there are newborn sick children or premature children and you’ll understand what I mean.

Here, families celebrate Halloween among incubators and steel hospital walls, instead of bringing their beloved baby home and spending time with their loved ones.

Thankfully, there are wonderful nurses who realize the value of bringing the holiday spirit onto the hospital ward.

As if hospital staff were not already heroes, they have also shown an impressive ability to use their creativity to bring a little Halloween joy to their tiny patients!

1. A little Halloween pumpkin


2. Of course we need proper decorations!

3. Here are tiny sisters in their matching costumes

Springfield News-Sun

4. A cute little Beast from “Beauty and the Beast”.

Facebook/Advocate Children’s Hospital

5. A tiny orange angel 🙂

Facebook/Advocate Children’s Hospital

6. First Halloween

Facebook/Advocate Children’s Hospital

7. Adorable twin girls

Facebook/Advocate Children’s Hospital

8. Tiny knitted hats for premature babies


9. Karl Alfred

10. A little ladybug


10. Cute!

Akron Childrens Hospital

11. Twins Kameron and Kaleb

Facebook/Advocate Childrens Hospital

12. Sienna – the world’s prettiest peacock

Facebook/Advocate Childrens Hospital

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