2 women caught stealing mementos from graves, so cemetery teaches them a lesson

It goes without say that cemeteries are sacred places.

Not only are they final resting places for the dead — they’re also where people pay their respects to their lost loved ones. And that’s why it’s so upsetting to see what happened recently at a cemetery in Ohio.

A heartbreaking crime recently took place at the Grove Street Cemetery in New London, Ohio.

One of the victims was horrified to visit the graves of her parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, only to find the mementos that had recently been placed there were suddenly missing.

Two women brazenly stole flowers and mementos from the cemetery’s gravestones.

“I gave that flower pot to my father for Father’s Day in 1977,” she told Fox 8.

“It has no price that they can give me to replace that pot.”

But what the robbers didn’t know was that hidden cameras caught the whole thing on tape.


Grove Street Cemetery in New London, Ohio, has always been a peaceful place where local people pay their respects to their loved ones.

Many people even have generations of their ancestors buried in the cemetery.

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But not long a time ago, people started noticing things going missing, like a flower pot that one woman gave her now deceased father back in 1977.

Eventually, enough things disappeared that people asked the local police to investigate, and fortunately, the cemetery had security cameras to assist them.

The security cameras caught two women stopping their car at various gravestones.

They would pull up, get out of the car and shopping” through the cemetery for whatever items they wanted, taking them from various graves, and putting them in their car.

Then, the two women would get back in the car and casually drive off.

The shocking footage allowed the police to easily figure out who the women were.

And not long after, they arrested them. But what was particularly shocking to the townspeople was that one of the women was a government clerk from a nearby town and was known by many in New London.

The women have been charged, and hopefully, the people of New London can once again leave flowers and mementos for their loved ones without worry.

Watch the video below to see how the thieves were brought to justice:

I’m thankful the cameras were able to catch the thieves in the act — and in the future, we hope that these two women remember that crime never pays.

Every cemetery should have cameras to catch these people from stealing from graves!

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