2 year old can’t open chocolate egg – then mom looks closer and makes deadly discovery

Toys and sweets are something that most children love, including two year old Riley Apps in Britain. He was trying to eat a chocolate egg with a small toy surprise from the movie “Minions” in the egg, but failed to open it.

He turned to his mom for help, and she was shocked when she opened the egg and made a horrible discovery, reports The Express.

It was in February of this year that little Riley wanted help from his mom to open the egg. And it’s a good thing he asked!

Inside the egg, mom Sophie Brown found six pills – suspected of being Tramadol and MDZ used for pain relief and end of life care, according to The Express. The pills could have caused the child to fall into a coma or even led to death.

Two year old Riley ate the egg’s chocolate shell before asking his mom for help opening the plastic shell in the middle of the egg. It was inside the plastic shell that the mom made the shocking discovery.

“He came running through and said ‘mummy can you open it’ because he had tried and wasn’t able to. I look down and it contained six tablets. When I saw them I couldn’t believe it. I wrapped them up and took them to the police. If he had been able to open it himself it could have been lethal,” the mom tells The Express.

Sophie’s partner Ian King, 23, had taken Riley to the store to buy the egg. It’s believed that the product was made by an unofficial company to look like a “Minions” product. But the couple believed that it was an official Kinder Egg product.

“The product in question was not produced by Ferrero. This is a matter for the police and Ferrero UK has no further comment to make on this subject,” a spokesperson for Kinder Egg and Ferrero told The Express.

Sophie is relieved that Riley came up to her that day and asked her to open the egg.

“Usually he will just play with the little toy himself. I usually think that I can leave him with it and not worry,” Sophie says.

A spokesperson for West Yorkshire Police said at the time that an investigation was underway and that the pills had been studied. Polisen believe that this was an isolated incident.

In 2016 The Evening Standard reported that police had found cocain hidden in Kinder Eggs at a pub.

Sophie says that the police she took the pills to were as shocked as she was over the find. It’s any parent’s worst nightmare that their child would have opened that egg and eaten the pills.

“I just want to warn other parents. They might give it to their child and not think and I just want to urge them to watch their children when they open the egg,” Sophie says.

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