23-year-old college student becomes dad, one week later he then becomes a grandfather

For those of us lucky enough to have a family around us who we can depend on in times of trouble we can’t imagine the horror of finding ourselves alone and needing help.

But that’s just what happened to a 17-year-old girl who had struggled through tragedy, battled depression and addiction and found herself homeless and pregnant.

She had nobody to turn to other than a cousin who was just 6 years older than her. Her cousin’s response made a complete difference to her life and what this young man has taken on has warmed hearts around the world.

Facebook/Tommy Connolly

Tommy Connolly, 23, from Calga, Australia, was leading the life of a regular 23-year-old: studying hard, training as an athlete and working part-time.

But a Facebook message he received one day from his 17-year-old cousin, who is not been named for legal reasons, would change his life forever.

His cousin needed help and without any hesitation this remarkable young man opened his home to her without any hesitation.

Image source: Facebook / Tommy Connolly

His cousin reached out to Tommy in an act of desperation; she had nowhere else to go and was pregnant.

With the baby’s father in jail and her parents not around, Tommy said he took her in “to make sure she’d keep the baby, stay off the streets and have a better life”, The Independent newspaper reports.

‘Nobody deserves the life she’s had’

He not only opened his doors to her, he also adopted her.

In a Facebook message Tommy wrote of his cousin: ” “This was her only option. She’s spent more time on the streets than anywhere else, and knows the police better than she knows her own family.

“She could write the book on traumatic experiences. Not many people know her story. It’s very intense. Nobody deserves the life she’s had.”

Just one week after adopting his cousin, she had a baby, making Tommy a grandfather.

Image source: Facebook / Tommy Connolly

In addition to his college work and training, Tommy also works full time to help support his new family.

Despite his admirable actions and news of his generous feat being shared by thousands of people around the world, Tommy says he feels guilty over the attention.

Put his life on hold to save two lives

“We’ve had all these messages which has made us realize there are so many other people in this situation, I don’t want people to think it’s a unique thing,” Tommy said, according to The Independent.

“[My cousin] does 90 per cent of the work – and if it’s one or two years of my life I have to put on hold to make sure two lives are going to be saved it’s nothing at all.”

His older brother set up a GoFundMe page to help his brother and raised tens of thousands of dollars.

Image source: Facebook / Tommy Connolly

Tommy is such an inspiration. To make that kind of sacrifice as a 23-year-old is such an admirable action.

Please share to pay tribute to this remarkable young man and we wish him all the best for a future life of success, health and happiness.