24-year old weighed 660lb. Now look at her incredible transformation after losing 267 lbs.

Amber Rachdi from Oregon, USA had always been heavy. But by 24 years old, it had gone way too far.

She weighed 660lb and could no longer take care of herself. She had moved back home with her parents so that they could help her.

She knew she couldn’t live like this any longer and her boyfriend Rowdy encouraged her to make a change, writes British newspaper The Daily Mail.

Amber Rachdi
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She only left the house to buy food and was completely dependent on her electric wheelchair.

The fat didn’t just affect Amber mentally, but also physically. The thick folds of skin needed to be washed with a long brush so that she could avoid inflammations.

As a last resort, she applied for the series ”My 600lb Life” to try and get her weight under control.

At that point, she was eating more than four big meals a day, plus lots of candy. The more unhappy she was, the more she ate.

Amber Rachdi
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She was stuck in a vicious cycle and couldn’t even sleep with her boyfriend anymore because she was so overweight. Their sex life was nonexistent.

She eventually decided to undergo a gastric bypass operation, but she had her concerns. There were huge risks involved with the operation due to her weight. Rowdy was also worried.

Before she could go through with the operation, she had to lose 22lbs.

Amber was determined. She moved to Texas in order to be closer to the doctor who would carry out the operation, Dr. Nowzaradan. She also began a new healthy eating routine.

Amber Rachdi
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In three months she managed to drop 17 lbs. Finally she could go through with her operation.

It was the start of Amber’s new life.

Seven months after the operation Amber had lost over 88lbs.

With this huge motivation boost behind her, she began working out and continued to lose weight.

Twelve months after her operation Amber had a follow up visit with her doctor. She had successfully lost 143lb. She was hardly recognisable.

Amber Rachdi
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Dr. Nowzaradan was so proud of her that he agreed to remove her excess skin.

Amber has continued her healthy lifestyle and has also begun going to a therapist to learn how to handleher problems in a different way than binge eating.

After suffering from depression for many years, Amber finally feels happy again.

She still has a few pounds to lose before she reaches her target weight, but she’s well on her way.

Amber Rachdi
Facebook/Amber Rachdi

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