26-year-old Linda left clothes store immediately – when she saw price tag

Do you think your body type should dictate the price of a jacket?

That was the case for 26-year-old Linda – and when she caught sight of the price tag in a high street store she went straight for the door.

When she got home she wrote a social media post to the company.

“Hi. What exactly were you thinking here?” she began…

It was just a normal shopping trip for Linda when she visited a local store with a friend. It was the only store in her town that stocked a good selection of plus sized clothes. As she was walking around, a beautiful deep red jacket caught her eye.

But when Linda found the same jacket in a smaller size in another area of the store, she decided to leave immediately.

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“It’s not very often I find a jacket in my size that I really like, they’re nearly always black or beige. I really liked this one because it was a different color,” Linda says.

However, when she compared the price with that of the smaller jacket, her feelings changed.

“I looked at the price tag and saw that it cost $11 less. I really feel like that isn’t OK.”

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Linda felt so strongly discriminated against, that she decided to write the company a Facebook message when she got home.:

“Hi. What exactly were you thinking here? Same jacket, different price. Just because one of them is a bigger size? This is discrimination. I understand that it takes more fabric to make a bigger jacket, but for the volume of clothes you produce it can’t make this much difference!”

After a while, she received a reply.

Apparently the more fabric used to make the jacket, the higher the price.

Our Xl selection isn’t different from the fashion style of the other women’s collections, but generally we put bit extra work into the garments to make them fall nicely and sit well.

Prices are controlled according to quality selection, details, finish and fabric usage. The price difference to the other product range is mainly due to the increased fabric used in our XL garments,” explained the store’s spokesperson.

But Linda was disatisfied with the answer:
“It’s till discrimination. Why don’t you increase the price of all your “normal” sized items then, or find some kind of average price, because this isn’t OK!”

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