4-year-old with cancer reunites with dad after seven weeks apart

4-year-old Mila Sneddon has leukemia and is currently undergoing chemotherapy.

This means that her immune system is severely weakened – which can be especially dangerous with the corona pandemic continuing its spread across the world.

Mila’s dad, 50-year-old Scott, had to continue working during the pandemic, so he decided to move out of the house. He wanted to avoid infecting his cancer-sick daughter at all costs.

The only opportunity Scott and Mila had to meet was through the kitchen window, when Scott sometimes made visits. But he could only wave and give air-hugs to his daughter.

Some weeks ago, Scott was told to stop working by his employer and he was placed on the government furlough scheme. The father could then isolate himself and on Wednesday last week, he got green light to move back home.

But Mila had no idea what all that was happening.

When her dad came to visit outside the window, she thought it would be via the usual format.

Fortunately, there was a camera in place that captured the heartwarming moment when Scott came to surprise his daughter.

Scott tells Mila as he stands outside the house: “I’m going to come home today.”

With a huge smile of excitement, she replies: “Today?”

“Right now,” her dad tells her.

As soon as Scott walks through the door, Mila’s face lights up in the biggest smile. After a few tears and a long-awaited hug, the emotions are everywhere.

When Scott was isolated, it was up to Mila’s mother, Lynda, to take her daughter to the hospital for chemotherapy.

It has been a very tough time for the family. In addition, Lynda’s mother died of coronavirus – something that made an impossibly bad situation even worse.

Lynda, 36, said: “It’s been difficult – it’s been challenging.

“We continue to push through, it’s not easy for anybody but Mila is really resilient and inspires us everyday.”

With that in mind, you can really understand how much joy was involved in this surprise. Being away from your children is always a pain – but imagine not being there and comforting your cancer stricken daughter … It must have been an indescribable feeling for Scott to once again be able to be there and hug her after two months apart.

Feel free to watch the video and see if you can hold back the tears … I definitely couldn’t!

We really hope that Mila survives this horrible disease and can spend many more years with her dad.

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