5-year-old girl goes home after battling 5-pound tumor – parade of cars show up to celebrate

More than 80 cars showed up to celebrate a little girl who has successfully battled a 5-pound cancerous tumor.

Rosie Schutter waved at her beaming friends and family from the comfort of her dad’s arms outside their home in Michigan.

Her dad Steve Schutter says even his little girl coming home is overwhelming as the current social distancing restrictions had meant he could only video chat with his daughter in hospital.

“It’s been four or five days here where we’ve only been able to video chat. So even just getting my wife and Rosie back home today was super emotional, but just to see our friends and family come by and see her light up, so excited,” he said. 

CANCER FREE! 💪 5-year-old Rosie Schutter had her last round of chemo this week in her fight against a 5-pound tumor. Her community celebrated by having dozens of cars parade past her house. 🎉

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The youngster from Grand Rapids was diagnosed with a rare kidney cancer that affects young children resulting in a 5-pound tumor.

Rosie had the tumor removed in October 2019 and has been receiving chemotherapy treatment since.

Now Rosie has received her last round of chemo and all her friends and family came out to take part in a parade to celebrate.

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Around 80 families drove past Rosie’s house with signs and honks of their horns to celebrate the little girl getting the all clear.

Rosie still has a few more outpatient treatments, her dad Steve added, but said the parade helped to bolster Rosie’s spirits after such a tough time.

“She’s kind of become her old social self again. So something like this is just right up her alley. Just being able to see everybody and say hi and so I just absolutely love to see how happy it made her,” he said.

It’s heartwarming to see communities finding ways to celebrate people despite social distancing rules.

We’re so happy for Rosie and her family and wish this brave little girl a lifetime of health and happiness. Please share.