6-year-old boy makes key rings to raise funds for his cancer treatment

No child should have to endure the horrors of a cancer diagnosis; why children have to suffer this way is something none of us can ever comprehend.

Treating cancer can be extremely expensive in some countries and create crippling healthcare bills for families.

One 6-year-old boy decided to help his parents raise money for his cancer treatment and his story is being spread around the world.


Gian Carlos Gomez from Mexico was diagnosed with a brain tumor and his family have to pay for all of his medication, according to wtvideo.com.

As well as having to endure chemotherapy, which is expensive, he also suffers from constant headaches that force him to take a drug called Xalkori, which costs his family over $3,000, according to Televisa.

Gepostet von Cadena de Oración por Gian Carlos am Dienstag, 3. September 2019


So this brave little boy decided to help his family with their attempts to raise cash and put his artistic skills to good use. Gian makes key chains to sell both on and offline.

His family document his progress and all their fundraising activities through their Facebook page  “Prayer chain by Gian Carlos”

As shown his Facebook page, Gian has made a huge number of key rings, some based on famous people, some cartoon characters.

His fundraising efforts have been shared by people around the world who are so moved by this little boy’s efforts to raise the money he needs for his own treatment.

Mexican soccer team the Tigres UANL have even donated signed merchandise to help the family’s fundraising efforts.

Gepostet von Cadena de Oración por Gian Carlos am Freitag, 16. August 2019


We hope that Gian recovers soon and receives all the medical attention he needs. 

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