6’7″ woman is told she’s ‘too tall’ to have kids – then doctors are shocked by what they see on ultrasound

There are lots of inspiring couples out there who stand out from the crowd. And it’s wonderful that we’re not all the same.

Take this lovely couple, for example.

Hayleigh is a living giant, so to speak. She comes from a family of tall people. Her mother is 6’3″ (1.90) and Hayleigh herself is 6’7″ (2 m). Hayleigh has always been a head higher than most of her friends and her friends never thought she’d be with anyone short than 6 feet tall.

Bryan is 5’8″ (1.73 cm), and they started dating, he and Hayleigh couldn’t care less about their height difference.

The couple was married in a beautiful ceremony. But their first year of marriage was marked with difficulties and obstacles.


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When 25-year-old Hayleigh and 34-year-old Bryan met several years ago, it was immediately clear that love was in the air.

“Bryan told me after our first kiss he would marry me, and that seems like so long ago,” Hayleigh said on TLC’s “My Giant Life.”

They said their “I do’s” three years ago and now they’re enjoying married life together.

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At the wedding, the couple made the surprising decision to serve tacos! Why tacos? The couple ate them together on their first date.

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The wedding was a great success. But soon, clouds gathered over the relationship. They had financial trouble and the stress that comes with that. So they decided to move to Tennessee, where the the cost of living is lower. At the same time, the economy started to slowly recover. Things seemed to be heading in the right direction again for the couple.

Then everything suddenly got much, much better…

Hayleigh got pregnant!

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Hayleigh and Bryan hadn’t planned on raising children, but they were obviously happy.

However, Hayleigh had previously heard from several doctors that her height would make pregnancy quite risky. So she didn’t even think she could have children, and was obviously shocked when she was told that she was going to be a mom.

But it wasn’t just Hayleigh who was surprised. Even her doctor was surprised when he saw the ultrasound.

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When Hayleigh was almost eight months pregnant, the fetus had grown so much, she was almost twice as big as a “normal-sized” baby.

As a result, her doctor ordered extra ultrasounds. The mom-to-be was worried that her doctor would see something terrible on the screen. And unfortunately, her fear came true when the doctor noticed she had a condition called placenta praevia.

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What is placenta praevia? It’s when the placenta is located in the lower part of a woman’s womb, where it is blocks the cervix. The condition can lead to severe bleeding in the mother during labor, or even before.

For Hayleigh, it was a nightmare.

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But her panick proved to be unjustified. The birth went well and on Valentine’s Day, she and Bryan welcomed little Kaia into the world!

“We’re so head over heels for this girl and all her delicious squishiness. She is the sweetest little dream baby that has been sleeping through the night and just wants to sleep and cuddle on anyone who will hold her,” Hayleigh says.

The baby girl weighed in at 8 pounds, 7 ounces (3.8 kg) and was 21 inches (53 cm) tall when she was born. The average weight for girls is 7.7 pound (3.5 kg).

We’ll have to wait and see if little Kaia grows up to be as tall as her mom. Either way, she’s blessed to have such wonderful parents as Hayleigh and Bryan. We wish all three a lot of luck in the future. Like and share if you agree!