72-year-old grandmother struggling to raise 6 great-grandchildren alone enjoys a Christmas miracle

After raising her own children and some of her grandchildren Ms. Ella thought her parenting days were over. But at a time when she should be relaxing, she found herself raising her six great-grandchildren.

The 72-year-old military widow, from Las Vegas, Nevada is managing on her own with no help looking after the kids or her crumbling home.

But thanks to her best friend a Christmas miracle occurred in Ms. Ella’s home.



Even though her best friend Alicestine Miller, known as Ms. Alice, lives in California, she never stops thinking about her best friend.

Ms. Alice contacted the Fox 5 Surprise Squad to help her friend in need.

When the Surprise Squad answered the call and arrived on Ms. Ella’s front door, she was so overwhelmed with emotion.

“Oh Lord, they mean so much to me,” she told the Surprise Squad when they asked her about her great-grandchildren. “They’re my heart.”

Ms Ella wouldn’t say why she had taken her great-grandchildren in only that she had to rescue them.

Thank you to our AMAZING Surprise Squad partners for their huge hearts and generosity all year long. Watch this story…

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The Surprise Squad flew Ms. Alice in and after the tears were wiped from their eyes, they were whisked away for a spa day while a team of workmen completed some much-needed updates and maintenance.

Team members arrived with a truckload full of new furnishings, carpets, beds for the kids and even Christmas decorations.

Ms. Ella’s house was filled with new furnishings, beds for the kids and gifts including a $500 dollar gift card for each child.

‘Christmas miracle’

“They are going to have a fit,” Ms. Ella cried.

“It’s a big Christmas miracle,” Ms. Ella’s great-granddaughter said when she saw her much-improved home.

But that wasn’t all — the Surprise Squad also arranged for Ms. Ella’s rent to be paid in full for the next year.

Watch Ms. Ella’s wonderful reaction in the video below.

I’m so glad that this family was spoiled and Ms. Ella was able to enjoy a Christmas without any stress. If any lady deserves a surprise like this it’s Ms. Ella.

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