76-year-old grieving mom wants a makeover, comes out completely unrecognizable

Meet Phoebe from Vermont, USA.

She went to see the Makeover Man himself Christopher Hopkins after a very traumatic period in her life and said she wanted a change.

I really hope that her courage can inspire others to make small changes in their everyday lives that can ultimately lead to making a big difference to their well-being!

In the popular series of videos he posts on his YouTube channel “The Makeover Guy” Christopher Hopkins performs incredible transformations on his clients.

Christopher Jon Hopkins, aka “The Makeover Guy”, grew up in Redwood Falls, Minnesota and is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, media personality, singer and makeover artist.

In this latest transformation 76-year-old Phoebe tells viewers she just made a huge change in her life by leaving a place she had lived for 49 years; a move that was so stressful it made her sick.

But even more tragic was Phoebe recently lost her son to pancreatic cancer. He died on Thanksgiving, she said.

She said she put her trust in Christopher and his team completely to give her the transformation she needed.

The result is amazing!

She looks decades younger. See for yourself in the video below.

I’ve watched so many of these videos with the Makeover guy, but this is the first one I felt the need to really share with you. OMG!

You took 30 years off of her. She is STUNNING! I had to make sure I hadn’t accidentally switched videos because it just doesn’t look like the same person! And you can see how wonderful she feels about her makeover. ❤️❤️❤️

It’s hard to believe it’s the same person! Please share so more people can see this incredible makeover.