21-yr-old mother found dead in fire: then firefighters see something move below the window

It’s amazing what happens to a woman’s intuition when she becomes a mother. All of a sudden, her life is no longer about just herself. Her child’s safety comes first — no matter what happens.

This story is a perfect example of a mother’s love —  it is both incredibly sad and very heartwarming. Thanks to young mother Shelby Ann Carter of Wyoming, USA, her twelve-week-old baby survived a terrible fire. Sadly, Shelby Ann did not survive.

21-year-old Shelby Ann Carter was building an idyllic family life. She and her boyfriend lived with her mother in Wyoming. At the beginning of January, the couple welcomed a beautiful daughter into the world. Shelby Ann was absolutely delighted to be a mother.

However, her plans for the future would end sadly.

Facebook/Shelby Ann

On January 30th, the worst thing possible happened — and it was a terrible tragedy.

Shelby Ann was home alone with her newborn daughter when their home suddenly caught fire. It spread quickly and in just a few seconds the house was filled with dangerous smoke — and there was no way to escape.

Firefighters rushed to the fire-filled house, but when the flames were finally under control they made a horrendous discovery on the second floor.

Shelby Ann had succumbed the smoke and died.

But in the middle of this tragedy, the firefighters found something amazing — and it showed them that a parent will do anything for her child.

Shelby Ann had secured her newborn daughter in a car seat and then dropped her from the second-floor window. With her last breath, she sacrificed her life for her daughter’s.

Facebook / Shelby Ann

When the firefighters found the little girl, who is named Keana, they took her straight to the hospital worried that she had also been injured by the smoke. But, thanks to Shelby Anne’s quick thinking and actions, her daughter was completely unscathed.

Following the catastrophe, neighbors started spreading the word on the Internet to help rebuild the house and provide some financial support for Shelby Ann’s family members. In just a few weeks, their fund reached almost $40,000.

Facebook / Shelby Ann

Shelby Anna’s actions show the power of a mother’s love for her children. Although it is a devastating loss and Keana will never meet her mother, she can grow up proud. Please share this post to pay tribute to Shelby Ann’s amazing act of love.

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