After 23 years, Jennifer Grey from Dirty Dancing returns to the dance floor – now watch her moves

When Dirty Dancing first appeared on our movie screens in the summer of 1987, it was a real hit.

The world was glued, nobody had ever seen such a movie: the music, the romance and of course the amazing dancing from screen legend Patrick Swayze and his on screen love Jennifer Grey.

Millions rushed to see it and the movie became the first to sell more than a million copies for home movie.

I will always love it for the soundtrack which generated two multi-platinum albums. The finale song “(I’ve had) The time of my life” won a Golden Globe, Academy Award and a Grammy.

Although still fresh in our minds it’s 23 years since the movie was released. But fans got a real treat when Jennifer Grey, who played Frances “Baby” Houseman, returned to the dance floor.


After the success of Dirty Dancing in 1987, Jennifer Grey quickly disappeared from the spotlight. Her co-star Patrick Swayze went on to have a hugely successful career landing major roles in movies such as Ghost and Donnie Darko.

But for Jennifer Grey the situation was very different.

tragic car accident caused her to withdraw from the spotlight at just 27 years old and although she did appear in other movies, they were never as pivotal as Dirty Dancing.

In 2010, Jennifer Grey decided to step back into the limelight – as a contestant on U.S. TV hit  “Dancing with the Stars.”

It was there that she stunned the judges and audience with her incredible moves.

Although decades have passed the dancing skills never left 50-year-old Jennifer Grey.

She wowed everyone with her talented moves and her dance partner Derek Hough, went all the way and won the competition!

And, of course, it feels a bit like the character of Frances “Baby” Houseman never left the talented Jennifer Grey.

This wonderful compilation of all their best dance routines can be seen in the clip below and it’s amazing to see her in action again.

Age is really just a number – which a 50-year-old Jennifer Grey fully proves with her amazing dance skills. So professional, so elegant!

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