Ann wants a change after turning 60, incredible transformation makes people shout: “Movie star!”

Meet Ann. She had just turned 60 years old and wanted a change. So she decided to visit Christopher Hopkins aka “The Makeover Guy” – to ask if he could help her.

Ann traveled from Canada to Minneapolis to meet Christopher and sits in his chair with her beautiful curls and tells him she’s only wearing a little makeup. But, even though she is already beautiful, she feels that it’s time for a new look.

Nobody can believe the transformation and people online are likening her to a movie star! When you see for yourself you’ll understand why.


The thought of saying goodbye to their lovely long curls is probably something that would make most women run a mile. But Ann was completely open and put her trust in Christopher’s capable hands.

Ann said she just wanted to be the best she could be now she’d reached 60 and had therefore gone on the long journey from Hamilton, in the suburbs of Toronto, to meet the famous stylist in  Minnesota with her husband Leo.


Likened to a movie star

The transformation of Ann’s pretty hairstyle has been praised by lots of people on the internet, with many fans likening her to all kinds of beautiful famous women, from Hollywood star Angie Dickinson to singer Shania Twain.


Christopher knows what he’s doing! Look at the amazing transformation in the clip below.

I think this is one of the best he has done! Ann looks amazing!  Please share if you agree.