Autistic boy hated getting haircuts – then he met barber James and everything changed

I absolutely love going to the salon – for me it’s one of the most relaxing experiences there is.

But when you’re living with autism, simple tasks like this that most of us take for granted can be seriously challenging.

Luckily, there are people like James who are passionate about giving all of their clients the best experience possible.

autism haircut
Facebook/Autism Barbers Assemble

British barber James Williams, nicknamed “Jim the Trim”, is well known for his dedicated approach to ensuring that his autistic clients get the best experience possible when they visit his salon.

For James, his job isn’t just to get clients in and out – he really cares about the well being of his visitors. This is clear in a recent Facebook post he made, which has resonated with people around the world.

“I’m literally so proud of my pal Aaron. For a year I’ve been cutting his hair doing home visits and we went through a real struggle from the start,” James writes.

“We always used the scissors and a simple counting routine to help him understand, but tonight we asked Aaron if he would let us use the clippers, he went to the station and grabbed them ready!”

“This shows that a period of time of building trust can help take the haircut to the next level,” James concludes.

See the original moving Facebook post below:

How awesome is it to find professionals like James who really care about their clients. Share this article if you agree that James is a true pro!

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