Parents watch their baby girl die because of a common mistake – now everyone should read dad’s warning

Losing a child is every parent’s absolute nightmare, and should such a tragedy happen they never really recover from it.

For newborn parents Jeff and Natasha, such a tragedy happened to them as they watched their perfect baby daughter die when she was just a few weeks old.

When the shock subsided and they could really think straight about what had happened, an anger overcame them as they realized it was a simple mistake that had led to their daughter Mallory’s death — a mistake which anyone could have made.

Now Jeff has issued a warning which everybody should read.


When Jeff and Natasha, from Phoenix, Arizona, learned that they were expecting children, they were overcome with happiness. When their beautiful baby girl was born they were overjoyed at their happy, healthy Mallory and looked forward to giving their daughter the best possible upbringing.

Jeff Gober
Facebook/Jeff Gober

Dad’s warning after tragedy

But after just a few weeks their happiness turned into a nightmare. Little Mallory contracted a deadly virus and her parents were then forced to spend the next two weeks watching their perfect little angel die.

Jeff writes in a Facebook post: “I’ve been pretty silent since Mallory’s death. If you have a new baby, wash your hands. A lot. HSV-1 is EXTREMELY common. Many people who are infected don’t know they have it. For newborns, it is more than likely fatal.”

The Herpes Simplex Virus-1 virus is extremely common, but most people who have it will never show any symptoms and probably don’t know they have it.

The condition is extremely dangerous for young babies, particularly those with an underdeveloped immune system.

Could happen to anyone if you don’t wash your hands

All that is required is direct contact. Probably this was what happened to little Mallory, as she had never been in contact with someone with any visible symptoms such as a cold sore, so must have been handled by someone who had not washed their hands and passed the virus on.

“If you have a new baby, or will be around a new baby, wash your hands. A lot,” Jeff warned.

The post has been shared by 276,000 people, and more should do the same to spread this very important message..

I’ve been pretty silent since Mallory’s death. It’s taken me over a month now to write this, but if any good can come…

Posted by Jeff Gober on Thursday, 8 February 2018

Such an unnecessary mistake became such a tragedy for these parents. We hope that this story reaches as many people as possible to avoid more babies suffering and more heartache for parents. Please help by sharing.