Baby decapitated during botched delivery by ‘untrained and drunk’ staff

It reads like the plot of a horror story and sends a chill down the spine of any parent-to-be.

A male nurse ended up decapitating a baby during delivery and left the mom in a critical condition.

According to media reports in India as if that incident wasn’t horrific enough the nurse and his colleague then tried to cover up what had happened.

The family of the injured woman alleged the nurse and his colleague were drunk during the procedure in January 2019.

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Staff at the government health center in Rajasthan pulled at the fetus so hard while attempting to deliver the baby that it broke into two parts.

The two men then allegedly hid the part of the body they had pulled out and sent the woman to another hospital. She was left in a critical condition.

Doctors conducted an operation and found the fetus’ head in the womb. The doctors informed the woman’s relatives and the family members.

‘Conducted the delivery on their own’

According to health officials the two men that carried out the horrific delivery were not trained birth attendants.

“A skilled birth attendant and a doctor were available at the Ramgarh hospital but they did not inform them and conducted the delivery on their own,” said chief medical and health officer in Jaisalmer Dr BL Bunkar.

The medical staff were immediately suspended from duty and subsequently arrested.

I hope these two men were brought to justice and this poor woman and her family are okay. It’s the most horrendous mistreatment of a woman and her unborn child I’ve ever heard of.

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