Baby girl born with second mouth undergoes surgery to have it removed

A baby girl born with a second mouth due to a condition thought to have affected just 35 people in the world over the last century, has had it successfully removed.

The baby girl who is now six months old from Charleston, South Carolina, was born with a second mouth that had lips, teeth and a tongue.

She was diagnosed with a condition called Diprosopus – or duplication of facial parts. Only 35 people are thought to have had this condition since 1900, according to BMJ Case Reports.

BMJ Case Reports

Doctors thought it was a cyst when the mass was spotted during a 28-week scan but when she was born it was discovered it was actually a second mouth.

Writing in the journal, the doctors said her second mouth had no connection to her main mouth, and that she could breath, eat and drink normally.

“After surgery, she developed some mild fullness of the right face at the surgical incision for which a scan was performed, revealing a fluid collection,” the doctors said in their paper.

After surgery she had a swelling on the side of her face but this soon went down. The girl continued to be able to eat normally
BMJ Case Reports

“The fullness resolved over several months and she did not require further treatment.”

I would never have believed this unless I’d seen the pictures. I’m so glad this operation was a success and she isn’t in any pain.

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