Baby girl suddenly stops breathing – then one officer’s quick thinking saves her life

It’s every parents worst nightmare – all of a sudden your child stops breathing and you freeze. You have no idea what to do and every second feels like an eternity. What would you do in that situation?

On December 7th, Uxbridge Police received an emergency call that filled them with dread. A baby girl had stopped breathing.

But when the officers reached the infant’s house, they realised that the situation was even more critical than they’d first thought…

CBS Boston

Officers Kyle Tripp and William Ethier were dispatched to the infant’s house to respond to the terrifying 9-1-1 call. But when they got there they were told that the baby’s mom and grandmother had left with the infant and were driving to the Fire Department.

CBS Boston

The officers received the vehicle’s description from a police dispatcher and chased after the car. When they located and pulled over the car moments later, they were met with a scary sight.

“Officer Tripp ran to the vehicle and the grandmother handed him the infant out the window,” Uxbridge PD said in a statement. “Officer Tripp observed drool and what appeared to be formula coming from the infant’s mouth.”

Officer Ethier was right behind his colleague ready to help. “I’m going to be a first time father in February,” he tells CBS Boston. “My heart started racing and pounding.”

Uxbridge Police Department

“Officer Tripp quickly sprang into action and began performing back thrusts to remove what was preventing breathing,” the police department describes in a Facebook post.

“After Officer Tripp delivered several back thrusts, the infant’s airway was able to be cleared and Officer Tripp and Ethier advised dispatch the baby was now crying and breathing.”

The little girl was evaluated at Milford Hospital before returning home with her parents.

“Uxbridge PD is truly honored to serve and be there when needed in times of crisis,” Uxbridge Police Department wrote in a Facebook post.

On Thursday December 7th, Uxbridge Police received a 9-1-1 call that no Dispatcher or Officer ever wants to get….

Posted by Uxbridge Police Department on Wednesday, 13 December 2017

You can watch a newsclip about the incident below:

What a privilege to have such quick-thinking and dedicated officers who rush to our sides in times of need. These officers truly deserve all the praise in the world.

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