Baby is lying on the floor crying – mother can’t believe her eyes when dog does this

Sibling rivalries are obviously a thing in humans. But do they exist when one of the siblings is a dog?

I’m not sure. But the mother who made the video below definitely thinks they do. At least when her newborn and her dog are competing for her love and attention.

But it turns out that this dog has a much smarter reason for howling than just trying to outdo its crying sibling.

In the video below, a mother is convinced that her baby and puppy are competing for her attention in a little crying competition. Or else, her dog might just want some peace and quiet and is complaining about all the screaming going on.

But, of course, there’s a whole different reason. The sweet puppy knows just how to stopping the baby’s crying.

Image Source: YouTube.

As soon as the baby starts to cry, the dog comes to the rescue. It quickly changes focus from the child and looks straight into the camera and at its owner. But it also does something surprising. Instead of barking at its owner, the dog starts howling, which instantly stops the baby’s cries. The dog is actually soothing the baby, a trick that works perfectly.

It’s easy to understand why the baby stops crying. Of course, it wants to listen to the strange sound the dog is making. And it’s clear in the video that the dog knows how to keep the baby engaged while also getting attention from its owner.

Check out the video below to see the smart dog and its little sib. The clip has been a success online and has racked up more than 8 million views. Even if it’s about siblings trying to get their mother’s attention, it’s really smart!

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