Baby left with a scar after doctors accidentally cut her face during C-section

Giving birth poses so many risks it’s hard not to worry about it, especially if you’re having your first child.

Doctors encourage you to have a birth plan but you never know what’s going to happen when it’s time to have baby.

For Russian mother Darya Kadochnikova she had planned a natural birth in her local hospital but when her baby changed position she was told a C-section would have to be performed for safety reasons.

The 19-year-old was sedated and was shocked to discover a deep cut on her baby girl’s face when she woke up.

According to the Daily Mail newspaper Darya was sedated with intravenous anesthetic after the epidural didn’t work stating she could still feel the incision.

When she woke up, Darya was shocked to find a deep cut on her daughter’s face.

According to Russian media, the young mother was told by doctors her newborn girl ‘shouldn’t have moved too much’ during the procedure, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Mother had a high fever

Doctors accidentally cut the newborn baby girl next to her nose, just under her right eye.

Local media reported the mother had a high fever following the delivery but is on antibiotics and able to breastfeed her daughter.

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