The baby is sick and cannot sleep. The brother steps up and does something that is melting hearts everywhere

When life is challenging, it’s good to have siblings around to help make our lives easier. We can count on them when times get tough and they know us better than anyone.

For this little girl, the day was extra bad because her parents thought she might have the flu and had to be taken to hospital to be checked over. This lovely little girl did not sleep. Her brother comes to the rescue and does something that is making hearts melt everywhere.


Getting a new sister or brother isn’t always the best news as someone else is getting all the attention. This sometimes causes jealousy and confusion for the older sibling. But in this case the big brother steps up and puts his baby sister first.

Cautiously, he lifted up his little sister before slowly rocking her. She soon became calm in the arms of her protector and fell into a peaceful slumber.

Fortunately for us their mom was recording the moment and the video has become so popular; it’s such a sweet moment between brother and sister. And one that the parents are not going to forget.

See the amazing clip below: