Beth Chapman sends Duane Chapman message in midst of cancer battle: “I’m gonna do whatever I want with the time we have left”

Beth Chapman may be in the midst of a fight for her life following her second cancer diagnosis, but she’s not letting that dampen her positive spirit.

In a recent post to Instagram, Beth shared a truly touching message outlining her love for husband Duane ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ Chapman.

Despite having already beaten cancer, the 51-year-old was diagnosed again with the disease, and this time faces an uphill battle for her life …

It was in September 2017 that Beth was first diagnosed with cancer. On that occasion she responded well to treatment – going into remission three months later – but just one year on the cancer returned in her throat.

The T.V. star had surgery to remove a mass in her throat in November of last year, but it was announced that she stands but a 50/50 chance of winning this time around.

Despite the struggles facing her and her family, however, Beth remains ever positive. She took to Instagram to share her love for her husband in an emotional post, whilst also recalling a tear-jerking interaction she had with a fan recently.

“I’m very happy out here on the road with my honey, catching bad guys, making memories,” she wrote.

“Life’s [too] short to care about the background noise. All I hear is the music playing in my ear. I so love you, my darlin’, I know you’re worried about me but let’s just be real. I’m keeping up with you, Duane Lee Chapman. I know [you] know I’m gonna do whatever I want with the time we have left. We’re gonna go full throttle. Sick or not, here we come again!”

In another post, Beth shared how she’d met a particularly distressed fan in a restaurant recently.

Seriously touched by an angel. Was waiting for big daddy to finish his podcast today and waited in a little restaurant called Josephine’s in Boca Raton. The waitress was kind, not nosy but helpful and cordial. When I went to pay my bill, I gave her my Amex [card] and she disappeared into the restaurant.

As I [sat there] enjoying my martini and sitting silently on the beautiful Tommy Bahamas furniture in the restaurant, I was reminded what a huge responsibility it is to be famous.

“After running my credit card to pay the bill, she realized who I was. She came back to my table with tears in her eyes. See, she watches our show every day for inspiration and knows I’ve got lung cancer.

“She was so devastated that it was me, [that] the beautiful woman she was waiting on had terminal cancer. You can not imagine… I told her, ‘Honey, don’t cry, it’s all okay. Whatever the Lord’s will is is how it’s going to be.

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It’s terrible to see such a bright soul going through such a dark battle, but Beth continues to be an inspiration for all of us. If I had but half the courage this fantastic woman is showing, I’d be a happy person indeed!

We’re sending all our thoughts and prayers to Beth Chapman as she fights her cancer.

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