Boy, 6, hailed a hero when he saves toddler cousins from drowning in pool

Learning to swim is a life skill that we must all have and the younger the better. So many parents have frightening stories of their children having near misses in and around water.

One family in Calhoun, Louisiana, had a terrifying situation when their 2-year-old twins were found lifeless, floating in a swimming pool.

The boys were limp and blue and flown to hospital for emergency treatment. Their parents were preparing themselves for the worst.

What happened after is all thanks to their 6-year-old cousin who is being hailed a hero after the terrifying ordeal.


Quick thinking kid saves the day.

Gepostet von The News-Star am Mittwoch, 23. August 2017

Six-year-old Branson Lee was visiting his aunt and uncle, Jeannie and Steven Kelley, at their home.

The Kelley couple’s twin boys had managed to gain access to the family pool without the adults knowing.

Twins Kaden and Isaac Kelley were only gone for a few minutes when their cousin Branson found them floating in the pool.

Branson was able to get them out of the water before he began screaming for help.

6-year-old Louisiana boy saves his 21-month-old twin cousins from drowning after he saw them floating in the pool. "…

Gepostet von ABC News am Donnerstag, 24. August 2017

“We ran out there and they were laying on the side of the pool and were completely blue and completely lifeless,” Jeanine said, according to ABC News. “My husband immediately fell down to his knees and started doing compressions and CPR. He is a first responder.”

“He (Branson) said he just dove in,” Branson’s mom Courtney told The News-Star “All he knew is he had to try to save them … It was a miraculous thing to know that at 6 years old, he didn’t just scream and run away. He didn’t just ignore it or stand there in shock. He just immediately acted and allowed God to do the rest.”

This amazing young boy then started to perform CPR on his twin cousins while yelling for help. According to the News-Star, he saw his mother performing CPR two years ago and remembered what to do.

Doctors prepared them for the worse

Twins’ mom Jeannie feared she had lost the boys describing them as “blue” and “limp” when she got to them.

The twins’ father, Steven, took over CPR while paramedics were called. Then a miracle happened: after a minute of compressions one of the boys began to breathe again.

Despite doctors telling the family that the best-case scenario for the boys was severe brain damage these two strong boys made a complete recovery.

“The doctors were just astounded. This is just a miracle. I’m so overwhelmed that God was so good to us,” Jeanine told ABC News.

The little boy acted fast. When he saw his cousins floating face-down, he pulled them out of the pool and yelled for help…

Gepostet von Fox 8 News am Mittwoch, 23. August 2017

These boys survived thanks to the quick actions of a 6 year old boy who knew how to swim, knew to get his cousins out of the water and knew CPR!

What an amazing young boy he is!

Please share to pay tribute to this wonderful boy and the people around him who also knew CPR.

You just never know when these skills will become a matter of life or death.