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Boy disappears without a trace in woods, days later he’s found unscathed – survives thanks to dad’s trick

Nowadays, children spend most of their time in front of computers and tablets — and not much time in nature. It’s completely different from when I was growing up and my friends and I used to built forts in the woods. Yet thankfully, there are still some parents who teach their children survival skills, which might have made the difference between life and death if anything goes wrong when your child is alone in the woods.

This was exactly what happened to a 10-year-old boy named Malachi Bradley when he was walking with his family in the woods. He disappeared without a trace and his family was terrified. Days later, he was discovered, and miraculously, he was completely unharmed — thanks to a genius survival lesson his dad taught him. Now, the incredible story of how Malachi survived completely alone in the forest has gone viral on social media.

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It happened during a hike in Utah in the western United States. Ten-year-old Malachi Bradley went to pick some wild mushrooms for dinner. But he got lost and didn’t return when he should have.

The forest in Utah is challenging for even the most experienced wilderness types. So the boy’s parents were extremely worried about their son. As the hours crept by and day became night, they braced themselves for the worst. Rescue workers and police searched everywhere in helicopters and in search parties.

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Then 30 hours after Malachi disappeared, he was found completely unscathed. Everyone had the same question: How did he do it?

Well, it turns out that the boy’s father had taught him how to survive in the woods in case just such a situation ever happened.

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Malachi was able to filter water from the lake through the hood of his jacket and drink it, which kept him alive.

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And he also used his jacket as a tent to avoid freezing.

These small but simple tricks probably saved his life.

It might seem natural that  the boy did what he did, but now that most kids spend their lives online, it’s not entirely obvious. And it just goes to show you how important it is for parents to teach their children even the most basic survival strategies.

When Malachi went back to school, his classmates praised and celebrated him, something he definitely deserved.

Image Source: Inside Edition / YouTube

A big thumbs up to Malachi’s dad, who probably saved his son’s life with his these tricks! Malachi also deserves praise for his survival skills — what a good kid!

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