Boy gets empty package from mom, reads the message inside and breaks down

Christmas is almost here and soon enough, the whole family will be gathered around the tree to open some Christmas gifts.

Most children are hoping for some new toys, games or the latest electronics. But the 11 year old boy in the clip below only wanted one thing – and it was something money can’t buy.

In June 2016 this boy’s parents were expecting twins. He was unbelievably excited about becoming a big brother and wanted nothing more than to meet his two baby siblings.

But sadly, things don’t always go the way we plan. His mom suffered a miscarriage and lost the twins. Both the boy and his parents were heartbroken.

It’s been a year and a half since the terrible tragedy occured. Recently, the mom decided to give her son an early Christmas present, and set up a camera to record his reaction.

When he opened up the package he first finds a pile of bubble wrap, and laughs happily at the strange gift. But then he sees something else in the bottom of the package.

A note tells him he’s going to be a big brother. After 15 months of sadness his parents are now expecting again– and the little boy’s biggest wish is fulfilled.

His reaction has touched the hearts of everyone who has seen the clip. On Facebook page Love What Matters his mom explains that she had to stop filming and put the camera down to go and hug her son.

You can see her clip below:

I was completely moved by this. This baby is definitely going to be thoroughly loved – by both parents and big brother. 

We’re all wishing the family all the best!

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