Boy is bullied for wearing pink to school: Next day he sees teacher and his jaw drops

Nine-year-old William was really proud of his T-shirt.

But when the Wisconsin boy wore it to school one day, his classmates teased him and called him a “sissy.”

Why? Simply because her shirt was pink.

Heartbroken, William left school in tears.

William Gierke, a 9-year-old from Wisconsin, wanted to show his support for cancer sufferers. So he decided to wear a T-shirt that was close to his heart.

The shirt had “Tough Guys Wear Pink” written across it and it came from a breast cancer charity.

Sadly, William’s classmates weren’t as positive about the T-shirt. In fact, they bullied him and called a “sissy” for wearing pink.

William’s mom, Tomi, was completely heartbroken when she saw her son come home from school choking back tears.

William didn’t even want to go to school the next day and his mom had no idea how she could help him. But luckily, William had a very attentive teacher…

Taking a stand against bullying with a kind gesture

When William went to school the next day, he braced himself to be teased again. But then he saw what his teacher, David Winter, was wearing.

The attentive educator must have realized what had been going on the day before.

Mr. Winter had seen how William was bullied because of his T-shirt. So he had decided to wear a pink shirt himself — to show solidarity with William.

But, that’s not all.

It may seem like a small gesture, but it meant the world to William. And above all, it was a message to the other students that bullying people for their clothing is never OK.

“I feel more comfortable, I don’t let it bother me anymore,” William said after his teacher took a stand against the bullies.

No child should be bullied for their clothes, especially when their choice of attire is made in support of others who are suffering.

Often, these type of remarks can go unnoticed, but this teacher paid attention and stood up for his student. That is the kind of educators we need!

I know that kids can be mean and cruel, they often need discipline and guidance. Thankfully, Mr. Winter was up to the task, and he made his point in the best way.

Huge respect to this teacher for standing up for his student.

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