Student returns lost wallet, weeks later he receives a heartbreaking letter

Losing your wallet can be such a stressful time for most of us. There are cards you have to cancel, not to mention the time it takes to get a new driver’s license.

Many of us live in hope that someone will pick it up and return it to us, but we can’t wait around, we often have to take immediate action.

Student and intern Justin Terrell didn’t think twice when he found a wallet on the floor of a parking lot.

Not only did he wait around on the off chance that the owner might return, he then looked through it to find an address.

A few weeks after he completed his kind-hearted deed he received a letter in the mail that made him realize just how important his actions were that day.


In addition to his studies, Justin works at a local packaging company in North Carolina.

Photo: Wikipedia Commons

When Justin was on his way home from work, he stopped at the grocery store. On his way out to his car, he suddenly discovered something on the ground

Alongside his car lay a wallet. Some people would have picked up the wallet, maybe taken the cash and then left as if nothing had happened, but not Justin.


He waited 15 minutes for the owner to return and then looked through the wallet to find an address.

Justin drove to the house where he met the owner of the wallet, a man called Chris and his wife Peaches.

The couple were very grateful to Justin, who thought nothing of his good deed and returned to his studies and work.


Then, a few weeks later, Justin received a letter in the mail that read, “Justin, My name is Peaches and we met when you returned my husband’s wallet to our house. He had asked me to send you $50 for your kindness and honesty. I’m very sorry it took me so long. Unfortunately Chris passed away suddently a few weeks ago and in the middle of everything I simply forgot.”

‘Nurturing person’

Terell’s family knew nothing of his good deed until the letter arrived, but weren’t surprised.

“He’s always been a nurturing person,” Kendra Royster, a close family friend told WGHP.

“He would always check on his mom. I would see pictures of him making food runs during the snow.”

Find out more about this inspirational young man and how important his deed was to one family in the clip below.

Justin really has a heart of gold – and Peach’s sweet letter, during her time of grief, was so thoughtful and shows what Justin’s actions meant to her and her husband.

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