Bride gets secret letter from dying dad, but his words to husband shock everyone

Every parent looks forward to seeing their child grow up happy and fulfilled, and most parents hope to see their children find someone to share their life with.

Particularly for a father, being able to walk his daughter down the aisle and know that she has found someone to love and take care of her is one of the most precious moments in any dad’s life.

Emily’s dad, Todd Excell, knew that he would miss this moment. He died of cancer when Emily was only 8 years old.

20 days before he died, he wrote his daughter a heartfelt letter to make sure that he would be able to share some wise words with her and her new husband on their special day.


Emily’s father, Todd Excell, passed away from cancer on May 13, 2001. Emily was only 8 years old.


He knew that he wanted to be able to pass on his advice for a long and happy marriage to his daughter when she found someone special to spend her life with. So, 20 days before he died, he wrote her a letter.


On October 4, 2016, Emily married her soulmate Shakeal. It was finally time to hear the words her father had written down for her.


“My dearest daughter Emily, You are my heart and soul,” the letter begins.

I remember when you were just starting to walk and what it would mean to walk you down the aisle on your wedding day. A wedding day is like a new beginning to a life with another person you love.”

“Always say ‘I love you’ “

Emily’s father had a few pieces of advice to share with her and her new husband.

“I am asking you and your husband to treat each other with love and respect. Always say ‘I love you’ to each other, even when you get mad at each other and disagree.”


The dad brought his letter to an emotional end with words of love and wishes for the future:

I love you Emily. I know I will love your new husband. I will always be there as you walk anywhere. To your new husband: I will be walking with you too. Welcome to the family.”

P.S. “To the new husband…”

There were many tears, and everyone began to applaud Todd’s beautiful message. However, he wasn’t finished! At the end of his letter, Todd had a few words for his new son-in-law that every dad can relate to.

I don’t want to spoil the surprise… you just have to hear it for yourself!

Hear Todd’s moving and heart-warming letter in the clip below:

I teared up watching this! What a wonderful letter to leave behind for his daughter’s big day.

I just couldn’t help sharing this clip! Share this wonderful story with all your friends and help us wish Emily and Shakeal a long and happy marriage.

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