Bride and groom pose for photo – then maid of honour strikes a pose and everyone loses it

I love weddings. Getting to dress up and share such a special day with the happy couple is alway so magical. The only downside is that weddings can be so serious sometimes.

Luckily, maid of honour Sharilyn Wester doesn’t take herself too seriously. Despite being dressed up to the nines and keeping on top of her maid-of-honour duties, Sharilyn was ready to add some quirky humour to the couple’s wedding photos.

The results are hilarious— especially the groom’s reaction!

A wedding is typically all about the bride and groom, but when Rebecca Foster and her huband James got married, the bride and her maid of honour had their own plans to prank the rest of the bridal party.

The happy couple were having their photos taken after their wedding in Bonnyville, Alberta, when photographer Ashley Hempel asked maid of honour Sharilyn to help her with the veil toss. As it turns out, Ashley had her own ideas about how to create a memorable image of the day.

Secret plan

Although the bride looks oblivious to her photo-bombing maid of honour, Sharilyn explains that the two of them had come up with the prank in secret and had been planning it for a while.

“The idea was based off a photo Rebecca saw that we both decided we had to recreate,” she told Huffington Post Canada. “This was two years before the actual wedding!”

Ashley Hempel
Ashley Hempel Photography

Judging by the look on groom James’ face, he didn’t get the memo.

“The groom had no idea what we decided to do, but once we started acting goofy, he played along and was laughing,” Sharilyn explains.

Ashley Hempel Photography

“We had been outside in the 36 C weather in the sun all day in formal attire for hours, and we figured we could try and perk everyone up and make them laugh.”

Ashley Hempel Photography

Bride Rebecca confirmed that she was in on the whole thing, and it seems that she was thrilled with the results.

We still think these photos are Beautiful. Sharilyn’s bold posing only made them even more personal.

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