Bride sees grooms’s ex-wife at wedding – stops everything and makes her stand up

Marrying someone who already has children from a previous marriage can be daunting.

You’re not only promising to be there for your beloved until death, but you’re also taking on the responsibility of being a parent. Through thick and thin, you have to be there for both your loved one and their children.

When Katie Hild got married, she knew she was going make a vow to her groom, Jeremy, but she also had important words for Jeremy’s son, Landon, Landon’s mom, Casey, and his stepfather, Tyler.

Fitting into Landon’s existing parental structure was going to be complicated, but Katie thought it was important to get everyone in the same boat.

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Instead of ignoring Landon’s mother and stepfather, Katie invited them both to the wedding. She even wrote special wedding vows to show them how much she appreciated their love and support.

Sharing parenthood with strangers is obviously a challenge, but everyone had Landon’s best in mind, so they decided to cooperate.

Katie was becoming a permanent part of the family, and she wanted to do it in a respectful way.

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After she read her vow to Jeremy, Katie turned to Casey and Tyler and directed some loving words to the two people she would co-parent with for the rest of her life.

It takes a lot of courage and a great deal of humility to do what Katie did — to divert attention from herself to her husband’s ex-wife on her wedding day. But Katie did it without hesitation.

It was the most memorable moment in her life and she knew how important it was to include Casey and Tyler.

After she read her vows to them, Katie turned to Landon.

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She got down to his level and promised to take care of him and told him how much she loves him.

She promised she’d be his best friend for decades to come, and that she’d also be tough when she needed to be.

By the time Katie was finished, the wedding guests were in tears. What a nice moment!

Image: Facebook/Love What Matters

Listen to Katie share her vows by pressing “play” on the video below.

Isn’t it wonderful to see a family committed to raising their child as best they can, even when things are complicated? In a world where families can come in many different ways, it seems extra important to include everyone.

Of course, children always come first, and Katie seems to understand that better than most. Please share this fine wedding speech if you were also touched by it!