Deaf groom doesn’t understand why bride stops at back of aisle: When she raises her arms, he loses it

Weddings are joyous occasions on their own, but perhaps even more special is hearing about the grand gestures of love made at these heartwarming affairs.

However, what a gorgeous bride named Elizabeth did for her husband-to-be has had hundreds of thousands of people who’ve watched their wedding video in tears.

Elizabeth and Scott’s big day on January 27, 2018, in Sydney, Australia, was a beautiful affair. As the elegant bride entered the room with her son, she was preparing herself for a big moment, which would be a complete surprise for her unsuspecting groom.

Scott started to lose his hearing at the age of 5 years old, and just three years later, he was deaf.

As Elizabeth got in place to walk down the aisle, Christina Perri’s hit song, “A Thousand Years,” started playing in front of their friends and family.

Elizabeth and Scott met on Tinder two years ago, and mother-of-two Elizabeth was so lovestruck that she started to learn Auslan or Australian Sign Language.

Three months before their big day, Elizabeth secretly taught herself the lyrics and sign language to their special song.

As soon as Scott realized what she was doing, he burst into tears. Elizabeth says her husband has watched the video at least 100 times now.

The video of the beautiful tribute has already been viewed more than 400,000 times and the couple is so happy that it’s reaching so many people and helping raise awareness of the importance of learning sign language.

“I have received so many private messages from people around the world telling me how the video impacted them,” Elizabeth told “My favorites have been from parents of children with disabilities, saying I have given them hope that one day they will find love.”

Watch the incredibly touching moment here:

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