Bride thinks it’s time to exchange wedding vows, but then the groom points to the balcony

Liz is a beloved dance and music teacher at Jaykays Dance Company in Warwickshire, UK. Her students mean everything to her and vice versa.

When Liz and her husband, Ollie, got married, her students were overjoyed.

In the video below, Liz and Ollie stand at the altar right after they exchanged vows. Then suddenly, there’s a murmur from the back of the church. Ollie turns Liz around and points to the balcony.

It turns out there’s a special group of guests who had been hiding up there the whole time.

Without Liz’s knowledge, Ollie went behind her back and met up with some students from the school…

Together they spent time perfecting a fantastic version of Christina Perri’s hit “A Thousand Years.”

“The children were amazing at keeping the surprise a secret!” as it says on the YouTube clip.

See for yourself and enjoy this wonderful surprise:

I could watch this clip a thousand times — it’s just that good!

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