13-yr-old boy says he wants to run away from home, then tells cop to look inside his empty room

When you are young, you want to be grown up, because you think that if you are, then you can do as you please. Stay up late, eat candy whenever you want, and drive a car.

But when you do finally grow up, you realize just how easy life was when you were young. No real obligations or responsibilities. But unfortunately, these scenarios do not necessarily apply to all children.

When the South Carolina police received a phone call from a 13-year-old boy, they could never have imagined what they would find next.

13-year-old Cameron Simmons was clearly worried when he picked up the phone and hesitatingly dialled 911.

This youngster put a call in to his local police station after having a disagreement with his mother. During that phone call, he told the operator that he didn’t want to live at home anymore.

When Officer Gaetano Acerra answered the call, he decided to go straight to the boy’s house.

Cameron Simmons

Upon arriving, Officer Acerra suggested they sit down for a talk. Cameron explained that he wanted to run away from home, explaining that his mother had scolded him for playing one of his big brother’s video games.

But Officer Acerra soon understood that the problem was much worse than that, reports ABC 7News.

He asked to look into the house and soon discovered that the boy’s room was completely empty. There was no furniture in sight and the boy’s clothes lay in a black garbage bag. Cameron did not even have a bed to sleep in.

Camerson Simmons

Cameron told the officer that his family had been having a rough time lately. They had to move from their home in Texas, USA, to South Carolina to take care of a sick relative.

Officer Acerra got a lump in his throat when Cameron described the situation and when he saw their empty home.

Stirred deep in his soul, the officer decided to do something out of the ordinary. Something entirely beyond his duty.

Neither Cameron, his older brother nor mother had any clue — but secretly, the officer began preparing a great surprise for the family.


He spent weeks collecting furniture and toys for the family. This way, Cameron as well as his mom and brother could have a home to enjoy.

With some help from his own brother, Officer Acerra managed to acquire a desk, chairs, a bed and a video game console with accompanying games for Cameron.

Cameron’s brother also got furniture for his bedroom and a table-hockey game that the brothers could play together.

Cameron was moved to tears when he realized what the officer had done for him and his family.

After the good cop outfitted Cameron’s room, the boy reportedly thanked him for the generosity by saying, “Now my back won’t hurt when I sleep.”

It’s important to note that Officer Acerra wasn’t expecting all of the press and praise when he originally gave these gifts.

The officer says: “I didn’t do this for publicity, or, you know, to get people to notice me, I did it because I could, and it was the right thing to do; I think people should do things like this.”

Watch the below video about the incident for more:

It’s amazing how one person’s kindness can create so much change and how one good deed can get so many to help. It’s so important to keep this in mind.

And it doesn’t matter how old this story is…kindness is timeless and can impact a person’s life for decades. 

What do you think of Officer Acerra’s good deed? Have you ever donated your time to the needy? 

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