Car ignores stop sign and heads for nanny and boy crossing street: Nanny turns hero and gets injured for life

For those of us parents with young children who have to work full time it’s our number one priority to make sure our children are well looked after.

Nurseries suit some parents while others prefer some guaranteed one-on-one time for their child with a nanny.

For parents Bill and Courtney, from Los Angeles, they opted for a nanny and employed Caroline Maurer to look after their two-year-old boy.

Little did they know that Caroline would end up saving their precious son’s life.


Nanny struck by car after saving toddler from oncoming vehicle.

Posted by The Dirt Farmer Foundation on Sunday, 15 October 2017

Caroline had been looking after Fox since before he could walk and talk and the family loved her from the start.

On March 28, 2017, Caroline was outside pushing Fox in his stroller when something horrifying occurred.

Caroline was about to cross the street with Fox and stopped, as usual, to looked both ways.

Driver ignored stop sign

There weren’t any cars in sight when she started to cross. But out of nowhere, a car came hurtling down the road and failed to stop at the stop sign, heading straight for Fox and Caroline.

Caroline instinctively pushed the stroller that Fox was in as hard as she could.

She then placed herself between the car and the boy’s stroller, the child’s parents, Courtney Davis and Bill Wolkoff, stated on the YouCaring page.

“The car came and crushed my hands, the front bumper – and I was thrown a few feet, I don’t know,” she recalled.


Fox escaped without physical harm, but was terrified.

He “miraculously escaped with only minor scrapes and bruises. One of the paramedics on the scene told me that Caroline had saved Fox’s life,” Davis and Wolkoff wrote on the YouCaring page.

“He was screaming, ‘Nanny Caroline, I love you,’ which was breaking my heart because I couldn’t hold him,” Caroline told CBSLA.

Fox’s parents, Bill and Courtney, will forever be grateful to the woman who saved their son’s life.


“I think my first reaction was: She’s family for the rest of our lives, because of Caroline the worse didn’t happen, she saved his life.” Bill Wolkoff told KTLA.

Caroline’s act of heroism meant spending two weeks in hospital and another two months in rehab; now she has permanent damage.

She has undergone three surgeries since late March, and was only allowed to start physical therapy three months after because of weakness in her hands, wrists and arms.

Fox’s parents started the YouCaring page to help Maurer. They said she may never fully regain strength in her hands, and has been unable to work or go to school since she was injured.

But Fox’s parents will forever be grateful for the sacrifice she made that day.

What a beautiful human being with a heart of gold! She sacrificed possible losing her life for the baby. 

I hope under the same circumstances I could be a brave as you were on that day. 

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