Cat oddly keeps staring at navy son’s photo – then mom finally discovers why

We often think of dogs as the most loyal pets in the world, but let’s not forget our furry feline friends. In fact, we think we may have just discovered the world’s most loyal cat.

Yuuki is her name.

The sweet-mannered black cat lived in a shelter for way too long before she was finally adopted and brought to a loving forever home: that of Max and his mother Erin Nimrichter.

Max and his mother Erin Nimrichter had decided they wanted to adopt a cat and give it the love it deserved, so they headed straight to a local shelter.

Facebook/Erin Nimrichter

There, they were drawn to a sweet black cat with a gentle and friendly demeanor. It was love at first sight. They immediately brought her home and gave her the life she deserved.

The mother and son had expected their new gentle feline to connect to Erin the most — however, it soon became obvious that it was Max she felt most bonded with. The two did everything together, even lay on the couch and cuddle until they fell asleep.

“Max has always felt connections to any animals he was around. He’s a sweetheart,” Erin told The Dodo.

So, when Max went off to start navy boot camp 6 months later, Yuuki was devastated.

Facebook/Erin NimrichterIn fact, one day, Erin caught Yuuki sitting in front of a framed photo of Max, staring at him and meowing. At first, Erin thought it was just a coincidence.

So she put her theory to test. She moved the photo to a different spot in the living room.

Erin’s theory soon proved entirely correct: Yuuki simply moved to the new location, once again staring and meowing at Max’s photo for long periods of time.

“She just sits there, stares and meows and then lays down next to the picture to nap,” Erin said. “I know for sure she misses him.”

Facebook/Erin Nimrichter

So much love! Thankfully, Yuuki recently got to say hello to Max during a scheduled visit. What will be amazing to see is their reunion in a few years, when Max safely returns home following his service with the US Navy.

You can witness Yuuki’s undying devotion to Max in the clip below.

What beautiful proof of our pets’ love for us! How does your pet react to your absence? Share your comments!

We wish Max all the best during his service and that he and his feline friend be reunited as soon as possible!