Celebrity couple Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn honored with side by side Hollywood stars

You can’t think about Kurt Russell without thinking Goldie Hawn. Although they’re iconic movie stars in their own rights, they are also one of Hollywood’s most famous couples.

Goldie Hawn’s three-decade career has included so many classic films along with an Academy Award and Golden Globe honor. While Kurt Russell won a Golden Globe for his role in true-life drama Silkwood.

It seems only fitting that they should be honored for their commitment to the industry. But their honor also recognized the longevity of their own relationship in a very fitting tribute.

They met in 1983, have never got married, and have four children between them and six grandchildren.

The couple rarely star in a movie together and choose not to work at the same time so they can honor their family commitments as loving parents and grandparents.

But we all remember the movie they did star in together: classic comedy Overboard.

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn in Overboard.

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In the 1987 romantic comedy Goldie Hawn plays pampered heiress Joanna Stayton who is suffering with amnesia.

Meanwhile, widowed carpenter Dean, played by Kurt Russell, convinces her that she’s actually a working class mother of his four children.

Movie Overboard enjoyed cult status

Although the movie was a box office disappointment it went on to gain cult status and has been remade twice.

But did you know that the couple actually met in 1966 on the set of Disney’s “The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band”?

Then almost two decades later they met on the set of movie Swing Shift and started dating.

Swing Shift trailer/YouTube

The legendary duo have each received the honor they so deserve, a Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

These Hollywood stars are also side by side, honoring the couple’s many decades together both on and off the screen.

‘True movie star’

Movie star Reese Witherspoon made an emotional speech about Goldie describing her as her “idol” and the positive effect she’d had on her life.

“She is a film legend. She is an icon. She is a true movie star.” Reese said at the special Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony.

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“She just lights up the screen,” Reese said as she teared up. “She’s lit up my life and I just hope one day I can be held in the same regime that I hold her. She’s changed my life.”

Daughter Kate Hudson also spoke at the event to honor the dynamic duo saying, “I was slotted in to talk about my mother, but I have two parents and they’re both here,” Kate said referring to her stepdad Kurt Russell.

“I always thought I’d be talking about them at a wedding or something,” Kate added, according to The Los Angeles Times. “But since a wedding doesn’t seem to be in our near future, this seems to be my only opportunity.”

Watch the special ceremony and the teary tributes in the video below.

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