5-year-old boy apologies to mom, just hours later he’s dead

Everyone has some kind of connection to cancer. Most of us have been touched by it in some way either through a loved one, friend or has had a scare themselves.

This is a story about a five-year-old boy from the U.K. He fought against cancer for two years before it tragically took his life.

In 2016, Charlie Proctor was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma, a very rare cancerous tumor that starts in the liver. His disease meant he needed a liver transplant.

The parents did everything possible in an attempt to save Charlie’s life, and started a collection to raise money for an operation at a hospital in the U.S. Then they were told the operation would cost nearly three times the initial amount and Charlie’s parents were forced to stop the fundraiser.

But just this week this poor sweet boy lost his battle to this awful disease and died in his mother’s arms.

Just hours before he passed, Charlie’s mom Amber Schofield published a picture of her son on Facebook .

This will be the last photo I post of Charlie. As the days go by he deteriorates more and more. He no longer looks like…

Posted by Charlie's Chapter. on Friday, 9 November 2018

On her post Amber wrote:

“He’s sad, he’s tired, he’s fed up and depressed. ‘I don’t know what to do anymore’ are his main words.. today, he’s been very agitated, wanting to lay down, sit up, lay in bed, then on the beanbag, then on the sofa, then back upstairs and so on…

“Charlie, at one point, turned to me and said in the most quiet, panting voice, ‘Mummy, I’m so sorry for this’ he was sorry because he wanted to move again and he felt he had to apologize for that?

“My heart broke! No child should feel the emotions Charlie is feeling. No Child! No parent should watch their child slowly go.”

Sorry for the late update, the last few days have been tiring and we’ve just needed some time together. Charlie is…

Posted by Charlie's Chapter. on Saturday, 3 November 2018

Just hours later, Charlie fell asleep in his mother’s arms, alongside his father.

Devastated mom Amber wrote: “Last night at 23:14 my best friend, my world, Charlie, took his final breath. He fell asleep peacefully cuddled in my arms with daddy’s arms wrapped around us. Our hearts are aching. The world has lost an incredible little boy. Charlie, you gave me chance to be a mum.”

In the post on Facebook, she also asked people not to take life for granted, hug their children, cuddle and kiss them as much as possible. You never know when it’s too late.

Last night at 23:14 my best friend, my world, Charlie, took his final breath. He fell asleep peacefully cuddled in my…

Posted by Charlie's Chapter. on Saturday, 10 November 2018

It must have been heartbreaking to hear Charlie apologize for what this terrible disease had done to him just hours before he died.

I hope Charlie has become an angel who watches over his mom and dad until they see him again.

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