‘Christmas is canceled.’ Mom threatens to shut down holiday if kids don’t behave

When you think back on your childhood memories of Christmas, you probably remember your parents reminding you that Santa knows whether you’ve been naughty or nice. And maybe you even remember them threatening to give you a lump of coal. But did your parents ever threaten to cancel Christmas outright?

That’s what a mom in Queensland, Australia recently did. She was so fed up with her three children that she wrapped up the family Christmas tree in plastic and wrote her kids a threatening note from “Elsie the Elf.”

Shortly after, ABC Brisbane got hold of a picture of the tree and note and posted it on Facebook, where it’s spreading like wildfire.


Here’s what the mother of three wrote when she threatened to cancel the most beloved holiday of the year:

“CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED FOR NOW! If you want me to keep visiting, a Santa visit and your tree and presents back, your behaviour needs to improve. Santa is very angry and I’m disappointed. BE GOOD and say sorry to mum.

You have 1 week to improve. I’m WATCHING.

— Else

Creepy McCreep Face”

ABC Brisbane / Facebook

The mother’s decision to shutdown Christmas set off a lively debate online, with some people writing that she did the right thing and others saying that she’s teaching her kids the wrong lesson.

One person who thought the note showed poor judgement wrote: “This is terrible parenting because it’s using threats and bribes. Consequences should always be directly related and immediate. Also it’s so vague — what behaviour needs changing? How are you helping your children improve their behaviour? Be clear (and realistic) in your expectations and don’t forget to model the behaviour you want to see. I’d hate to see my kids navigating problems with threats and passive aggressive notes.”

Others, like this commenter, thought the mother did well.

“As a mother of 5, foster Mum of 2, Granny of 13 and a great grandmother, I say well done. Its great to see a parent in control.”

And still others thought that the fact that some people are outraged is a sign of the times.

“Apparently, kids of old used to get a lump of coal in their Christmas stocking if they were not up to scratch. These lucky modern kids got given an opportunity to redeem themselves before the cut-off date. I think us parents are getting soft just like our kids.”

What do you think? Do you think this mom did the right thing or was she crossing the line?

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