Christmas isn’t celebrated with the wallet: This video of a homeless guy is hitting the whole world right in the heart

We live at a time when Christmas is celebrated with the wallet, rather than with the heart. We run around to find the perfect Christmas presents, get stressed in the kitchen to make the longest Christmas table and sweat as we aim to set up the most spectacular Christmas decorations to embellish our homes.

We’re so busy with our lives that we forget about those people who don’t having a home to celebrate Christmas in. But if we’re honest, aren’t they the very people who need warmth, love and humanity the most?

That’s the question that the music group Gentri poses in a music video that’s been viewed almost 2.5 million times on YouTube. And now, they’re moving people around the world with their strong message.

In this video, we see a family come across a homeless man outside a store. It’s a meeting that makes a strong impression on the dad — and the image of the man, sitting alone in the cold is something that he just can’t get out of his mind.

In the end, the dad decides to do the right thing… and help out the homeless man.

I won’t reveal any more than that, but this is a video that spreads the message of what Christmas is all about: warmth, fellowship and humanity!

And not only that… the three tenors of Gentri sing the Christmas classic “O Holy Night” — and their beautiful harmonies, together with the thoughtful music video, brought a tear to my eyes.

Watch the video here. And make sure to stay until the end. It’s worth it!

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