Construction worker asks man to move car; then notices baby boy in back and raises alarm

Construction worker Colin Blevin woke up one morning with a pain in his hip and pondered whether he could make it into work. He decided he had to go to get ahead of his work but little did he know that by the end of the day he would be hailed a hero.

The 44-year-old from San Jose, California arrived at work to find a car blocking the entrance to the construction site. When he asked the driver to move the vehicle, Blevin noticed there was a baby in the back seat. Colin thought there was something suspicious about the man considering the state he was in and decided to take action.

His suspicion paid off as Colin managed to foil a kidnap attempt; something that could have turned into a deadly situation.



Colin Blevin / Facebook

Colin kept his eye on the man and then witnessed him attempting to break into another car. He suspected the man was on drugs judging by his behavour.

Before Colin could do anything, a woman (pictured below) approached him with shocking news. The driver had approached her before Colin arrived and asked her to take the baby from him. “Help me save this baby,” she asked Colin.

Sceengrab via posted video

Colin knew that his instincts were right about this guy.

What Colin didn’t know was there was an AMBER Alert issued for 1-year old boy Emiliano in the back seat of the man’s car.

Early that morning Emiliano’s father had left his car running with his baby in the back seat while he went inside to get something. When he returned to his car it was gone, along with his little boy.

Raymond Gutierrez/Soledad Police Department

At the construction site, the man – later identified as Ray Gutierrez – had tried to force the baby onto the woman telling her he didn’t know what to do with babies. It seems he only wanted the car, but he could have left the baby alone putting him in a dangerous situation.

“I looked into the car and there is this beautiful chunky baby looking at me,” Colin said. “The baby [was] calm, clean, with a bottle on his chest,” and yet Ray Gutierrez was “dirty, skinny and jittery.”

Sceengrab via posted video

Colin immediately took the baby and car seat out of the car and called the police.

The suspect fled the scene, but cops tracked him down later that day and arrested him. They identified the suspect as 43-year-old Raymond Randy Gutierrez.

Laura Pizano

Thanks to Colin and the lady that warned him this little boy is back with his parents where he belongs.

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