Couple adopts “unwanted” child – but the girl’s first word to mom at airport leaves everyone in tears

Adorable little Lucy has Down syndrome and was an orphan for the first six years of her life.

Fortunately, that predicament wouldn’t last forever. Lucy was brought from China to a loving forever home in the United States as part of an adoption program.

Her new family was very nervous when she finally arrived — they couldn’t be sure how their little girl would react or deal with her new surroundings, especially after having lived in an orphanage since birth.


Lucy’s adoptive parents, Brent and Audrey Shook, could not wait to meet their new daughter.

The couple were already the parents of five biological children, but had felt they had space in their hearts for another child.

Their first encounter with Lucy occurs in an airport in Houston, Texas, when Lucy arrives to her new country and family. When she arrives she looks anxiously around for her new parents, and when she finally meets them, she is overwhelmed with emotion.

Audrey rushes towards her new daughter, also overtaken by emotion.

But that’s when little Lucy says something that leaves everyone in tears…

See the emotional moment when Lucy meets her new mom in the video below — I am so glad that this was caught on camera!

It’s hard not to be touched and smile after seeing this. So much love in the air!

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