Couple born on the same day in the same hospital, only for grandma to shed truth when they’re married

There are some couples who from the moment they meet, they instantly feel a connection. Whether you believe in fate or not there are many examples of couples who feel as though they met their soul mate.

Jessica Gomes and Aaron Bairos went to rival schools in Massachusetts but it wasn’t until friends introduced them that they realized the strong connection.

It wasn’t long after they met that they started dating. After nine years of dating the couple got married.

But it wasn’t until years after their meeting that something was revealed about their background that shocked them both, according to NTD News .

Jessica said she felt there was something different about Aaron as soon as she met him.

He was respectful and he made me laugh,” she said, according to PEOPLE magazine. “He still makes me laugh! No one else can do that. From the start, we both knew we were right for each other.”

Gepostet von Jessica Bairos am Sonntag, 3. Februar 2019

The couple were surprised enough to learn that they shared the same birthday.

“I didn’t believe him(Aaron) at first when he told me he had the same birthday, it was crazy, I thought he was trying to pull a smooth one and win me over,” Jessica said.

But after Jessica’s grandmother did some digging she discovered that they were also both born in the same hospital.

Further research uncovered more shocking coincidences.

Gepostet von Jessica Bairos am Montag, 18. September 2017

It turned out that Jessica and Aaron were the only babies born in the hospital that day, just two hours apart.

As they were the only babies in the hospital their parents had met and introduced their little ones.

Turns out that 27 years ago when they were babies the couple had first met.

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